Solaris [2013]

Solaris is an apparatus existing of multiple soap films that can be lifted up manually. It is a machine that explores the mental process and physical activity of seeing and creates soap films as a spatial intervention. Through precise lighting the inner movement of the soap film is revealed, showing a turbulent choreography of iridescent color and fluid motion. As gravity slowly gets a hold of the membrane the viewer can be fascinated with the phenomenon, until inevitably the fragile film bursts.

Solaris is the little sister of the monumental soap film installation Solace and now uses 6 screens placed after each other to also fully experience the play with light and reflections that occur in between the films.

Solaris was shown at the Saatchi Gallery in October 2013 as part of an triptych curated by Piet de Jonge

Made possible through the generous support of The Mondriaan Fund